We offer Full Service Personal Processes In Brampton

                                                                                              • Document Serving

                                                                                                Document Serving Done Proper — Our Process Servers in Brampton serves all types of legal documents, including summons, family court papers, divorce papers, subpoenas,ses, motion to change, just to mention a few.

                                                                                                We are a full-service Process Serving and Court Filing agency providing serving law firms, lawyers and member of the general public with legal services here in Brampton and surrounding areas i.e. Mississauga. We partner with Process Server Toronto in serving documents in the Toronto area.

                                                                                                Standard Service (Our Process Servers in Brampton will make the 1st attempt to serve the document within 3-5 Days of )

                                                                                                Rush Service (our Process Servers will make the 1st attempt next day)

                                                                                                Same Day Service (our Process Servers will make the 1st attempt the same day).

                                                                                                We are now registered on the Court Runner Process Serving APP, and are currently servicing the Brampton Area.

                                                                                              • Court Paper Filing

                                                                                                At Brampton legal Process Service we make court filing as simple as ABC. Why stress yourself out with the rigorous task of filing court papers in the court?Leave the court filing to a team of professionals with more than 10 years experiences. A team who files court documents on a daily basis. Whether it is single documents or bulk documents, we will get the document filed in the Brampton court or any Ontario court, same day or next day as the se may be.

                                                                                                When we receive your document for filing, we file the documents (1-5 days) depending on how urgent it is. After filing we send you a notarized Proof of service (AOS). The ?AOS n be sent to your home, office (if you want to file yourself) or taken directly to the name of the court on the document for filing.

                                                                                                If you need a document filed today or tomorrow, contact us now and we will file your document according to your demands.

                                                                                                Leave the job to us, we will handle it professionally.

                                                                                              • Skip Tracing

                                                                                                Our Skip Tracing service in Brampton is professionally tailored to each client request. We n help to find the most elusive people you n ever imagine. Whether the person has taken a flight out or hiding somewhere in the country. It doesn't stop us from finding their present lotion.

                                                                                                Why do you need the service of a skip tracer? The service may be needed in these situations,

                                                                                                Generally, people n intentionally skip for various reasons. The worst-se scenario is when an individual goes into hiding, stops communiting with friends, family, and relatives. They may even go as far as :

                                                                                                Changing their professional work and work under the table for sh only

                                                                                                Adopt new behavioral patterns.

                                                                                                Stop their hobbies

                                                                                                Take on a new appearance


                                                                                              More than 10 years of experience

                                                                                              0 Happy Clients
                                                                                              0 Document served
                                                                                              0 Skip Tracing
                                                                                              0 Court Filing

                                                                                              Our Team

                                                                                              The men and women behind the work at Brampton Process Server

                                                                                              Jameela Mohammed

                                                                                              Jameela Mohammed

                                                                                              Court Filer

                                                                                              Jameela handles court filing and affidavit of service

                                                                                              Theodore Emmanuel

                                                                                              Theodore Emmanuel

                                                                                              Skip Tracing

                                                                                              Processes and cordinate skip tracing orders

                                                                                              Moy David

                                                                                              Moy David

                                                                                              Legal Process Manager

                                                                                              Oversees client intake and help with legal matters

                                                                                              Claire Williams

                                                                                              Claire Williams Mathew

                                                                                              Process Server

                                                                                              Handles all Process Serving orders

                                                                                              Price Guide

                                                                                              Best process serving price in Brampton

                                                                                              • Process Serving
                                                                                                $169.50 Region of Peel
                                                                                                FLAT FEE

                                                                                                Up to 3 attempts plus an affidavit of service.
                                                                                                Same Day, Next Day or Regular Service
                                                                                              • Court Filing
                                                                                                $100 Peel, Toronto

                                                                                              • Skip Tracing
                                                                                                $150 + tax Comprehensive
                                                                                                MTO search

                                                                                              What our clients say

                                                                                              Below are extracts of our reviews on Google

                                                                                              "A long-standing and highly reputable process server with competitive pricing and expertise with service in the city of Brampton. My practice requires service of a large number of legal papers and actions each month, without a professional and reliable Proces Server. I wouldn't have been able to cope. I highly recommend BPS for any Proces serving or Court Filing needs"
                                                                                              - James Hudson

                                                                                              "I found Brampton Process Server on Google, after many unsuccessful attempts (over a year) at finding my ex-spouse to serve her divorce papers. BPS was able to lote her within a week. I was very impressed very much pleased with their services. I highly recommend them."
                                                                                              - Samuel Anderson


                                                                                              We are up to date with the industry


                                                                                              Get in touch with Brampton process server

                                                                                              Contact info
                                                                                              Main Office? 1 (289) 324 9495 | 647 450 3736 info@
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